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about the game

Story of a protagonist(boy? girl? nb? who knows)  who just wants love but is too lazy to actually go out and build meaningful human relationships. Fortunately telemarketers can offer pretty much everything.

Currently 4 endings with 2 more programmed but Im a perfecionist so those are unnacessible for now. More may come.

Kind of gave up on GUI, I will never be good at this

about the artist

Im glithch and I love procrastinating by making games and then procrastinating on making those games.

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It was so cute and funny! 

it's really cute and for some reason funny seeing as i choked on my water ???? LMAO but anyways, you stated there were 4 endings but I've only gotten 3 so highkey confused plus triggered cuz im a game perfectionist :((


ahhhhhhhh. im so glad! the 4 ending is kind of a trolley ending and happens when something goes wrong lmao 

Thank you for asking us to play your game! We had a lot of fun, and the humor was great! Can't wait to see if you add more to it later on! 

Really nice game! 

aaaah! thank you <3

Hi ^_^ So I finally checked your game out and even edit the first part of let's play on it. SOOOOO... Not my ordinary cup of tea, I be honest, cause I like something more dynamic. Even though I pretty liked it. ESPECIALLY Sam's and our POET guy routes. THE POET WAS SOO COOL, I liked kind of suspense in that storyline. Nice ^_^ And the ending. Yeah... my inner teenage emo kid was so pleased xD The whole atmosphere and idea of this game is pretty cute. Though I just wanted to quickly ask one thing about lgbt theme. Is it there only because our main character is of unknown gender? I'm kind of confused there xD Aaaanyway, I would love to see the end result. Good luck, and I wish your inspiration will never leave your side ^_^ 


awww thank you for lovely gameplay im going to watch it whole in a second :D and yeah LGBT themes are there as i didnt really want to mess around with coding a choice for the player to be either a girl, boy or non binary (and i think that would kind of mess up the tempo) so i tried going the route of unspecified gender. 

okay then :)

and ehm.... sorry? xD 


and considering the ending with the mailman. looks like you downloaded the version of the game before i updated the file so that route was unaccessible for now. dang too bad since its unfinished