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about the game

Story of a protagonist(boy? girl? nb? who knows)  who just wants love but is too lazy to actually go out and build meaningful human relationships. Fortunately telemarketers can offer pretty much everything.

Currently 4 endings with 2 more programmed but Im a perfecionist so those are unnacessible for now. More may come.

Kind of gave up on GUI, I will never be good at this

about the artist

Im glithch and I love procrastinating by making games and then procrastinating on making those games.

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pretty cute but for some reason with the poetic guy i always have de bad ending, i have read by a comment that was posted before that it was some kind of error of the coding so i hope that would get fixed, besudes that i really liked the game :)


This was so good, Protag gives me life and is life


Will we be seeing more of Susan , Patrick and Debora honestly they are my favorite characters 


idk if youre going to respond but like the poetic dude ending is very confusing. Idk if it is a glitch in my system but whenever i play his route(no choices) I automatically get the very bad end and it goes to the squiggly line dialogue and I was wondering if that was apart of the comedic effect or it is a actual defect :)

Everything else was amazing though 

I was actually having the same issue as well, so I decided to go looking through the script to see what was the matter. It turns out that the squiggly man dialogue is part of something else and that it jumped to that dialogue due to not having anywhere else to go. After the line "You look at the notes in your hand and finally understand," it seems that there was suppose to be a choice of whether or not you thought the poetry was great or not, but one wasn't there even though there was code programmed for after you chose.  Since I have some experience in Ren'Py, I was able to code in the choice and attach it to the already programmed scenes they were supposed to lead to. After that I was able to get the ending to make sense and even looked at old videos of people playing through the game to comfirm that I attached the choices to the right scenes.

can you explain how to do this? i'd like to see the normal ending!

I don't know how to explain how do it exactly, but I can send you the one file I had to edit to fix the issue and have you replace the original one with my edited one.


I sign up just to leave a comment here because god. It's so good.
My fav is White Guy,the background music fit him so well....and the ending,so sad and fulled of emotions...I love it.
All the part of the game is GREAT.
The music,humour,vibe....I'm dying for this game and I would kill for more ;_;
I think I'm gonna make some fanart hjhjkhjkhjkhkhk


monster: whos the monster now!!! >:(

me: still you

god i am SO THIRSTY for the rich guy. dumb princes and flamboyant flirts have always been my type!!! this is so cute and good and i love it!


Ahhhh we are the same then!! i Made this game completely for my own tastes and prince boy is a big fave :^)) !!

This is so amazing. I hope with all my heart you ARE planning on finishing this omg. I especially love the monster. Well, that was underpriced and I think I'm gonna draw some fanart now

thank you so much! you have no idea how much that means to me <3 currently im stumped with new college (dont even have time to upload to instagram) but i really wish to one day finish this properly. i was a bit too ambitious for my skillset at the timr but i still love what i had planned for this!






the mailman route is actually unfinished and it was supposed to be a feature in the full version <\3


Cat Love ending was my favorite uwu!

oh my god!!!!!! thank you SO. much

Wowza this game is really really fun, humour is greAT. I am making a visual novel of my own and yours has been an inspiration! I hope you keep going with this game! (I was reading through your script like a high grade black hat hacker,  just to see how you programmed certain things in!! For educational purposes i promise, I hope it is okay.) 

I wanna draw fanart for this!! Should i tag you on Tumblr? your characters are really funny. 

thank you for making this game! i ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH.

wow thank you so much! its so fun to get these comments from time to time <3

yes yes! tag me  @glithchgames or on ig @glithchdraws

you have no idea how sweet this is <3


I was in a really bad mood today and I thought that this was going to be the best game to play to clear up the clouds, and honestly? I was right. Loved all the boys, loved this indirect shit talking of other stereotypical dating sims by using these tropes ( I kind of linked the Edgy Poet with Nageki from Hatoful Boyfriend because of the death thing, but who knows -- ), though I'm kinda salty because I -- I don't know how to find the fourth end. Weeps forever,, In any case, still love the game & my favorite boy is probably Rich Guy, hahh!! Keep up the good work <33

everytime i check out this page i notice a very old comment i never got a notification for and i know i have to reply because all of these make me so happy asdfg. so very late but thank you!

((rich guy is also my fav))

ok i really like this game! i got the rose ending, the cat love ending, and the introvert (same) ending. but i cant seem to get the last one. anything to trigger it?



this was honestly such a great game, it made me smile and also choke on the cashews i was eating, which woke my sister up who wasn't very happy to come into my room to see me playing games at 3am. protag was actually so relatable ?? like,, omg 

thanks for making this game it's honestly one of my favorites 


oh gosh!!! this is so motivational actually <33 ty! 

It was so cute and funny! 


it's really cute and for some reason funny seeing as i choked on my water ???? LMAO but anyways, you stated there were 4 endings but I've only gotten 3 so highkey confused plus triggered cuz im a game perfectionist :((


ahhhhhhhh. im so glad! the 4 ending is kind of a trolley ending and happens when something goes wrong lmao 


Thank you for asking us to play your game! We had a lot of fun, and the humor was great! Can't wait to see if you add more to it later on! 


Really nice game! 


aaaah! thank you <3

Hi ^_^ So I finally checked your game out and even edit the first part of let's play on it. SOOOOO... Not my ordinary cup of tea, I be honest, cause I like something more dynamic. Even though I pretty liked it. ESPECIALLY Sam's and our POET guy routes. THE POET WAS SOO COOL, I liked kind of suspense in that storyline. Nice ^_^ And the ending. Yeah... my inner teenage emo kid was so pleased xD The whole atmosphere and idea of this game is pretty cute. Though I just wanted to quickly ask one thing about lgbt theme. Is it there only because our main character is of unknown gender? I'm kind of confused there xD Aaaanyway, I would love to see the end result. Good luck, and I wish your inspiration will never leave your side ^_^ 


awww thank you for lovely gameplay im going to watch it whole in a second :D and yeah LGBT themes are there as i didnt really want to mess around with coding a choice for the player to be either a girl, boy or non binary (and i think that would kind of mess up the tempo) so i tried going the route of unspecified gender. 

okay then :)

and ehm.... sorry? xD 


and considering the ending with the mailman. looks like you downloaded the version of the game before i updated the file so that route was unaccessible for now. dang too bad since its unfinished